Thursday, August 27, 2009

The F Word

No not that word, although this word FUNDRAISER makes me want to use that F word. We've been in school for what a month now? Some schools less than that. I've already been hit up to sponsor runners, buy cookie dough, buy sheets, and buy Coke products at a discount all in the name of fundraising. Now I am not being a hater. We've spent many years hitting up family and friends to buy gift wrap, needless crap, cookie dough, and girl scout cookies. So I get it. I get the pressure parents and students fill to make those quota, win that plastic toy, that limo ride, what have you.

Once Lolly left elementary school I thought all that was behind us. Boy was I ignorant. Last year when she came home with cookie dough order forms to peddle for Chorus I realized how wrong I had been. After receiving the said cookie dough, baking the cookie dough, tasting the cookie, and then throwing away the cookie dough I said enough is enough I can no longer subject our family and friends to this craziness.

I think I remember once or twice while growing up doing a fund raiser but this on going group after group stuff is crazy. Here's an idea lets get some administrators and politicians in there who know how to budget and get things done so I am not having to pay $4 for the use of a gym locker. a gym locker. How crazy is that? See I've gone and got myself fired up. I am almost convinced that the school system is set up to systematically nickle and dime me to death.

I really made a stand last year, I drew a line in the sand when I refused to continue to pay for school pictures taken in the Fall AND the Spring. But that's a topic for a different post because those LifeTouch people, they're on my list.

Where was I, oh yes fundraising. The first week of school Lolly comes home with a letter stating that the chorus has been chosen to perform at Carnegie Hall Memorial Day weekend and they hope to have several fundraisers to help defer some of the cost. The $1,400 cost. Included is a nice payment schedule with the final $100 payment to be paid in March or something like that. It's noted that the last $100 payment will be dependent on the amount that is raised through the fundraising. It's worth a $100 to me not to have to sell anything.

So my dear friends and fellow parents of school age kids when you ask me to buy, sponsor, and help raise funds for your child/ child's school cause d'jour know that I am not the fundraising grinch but that I just started the "Send Lolly to Carnegie Hall Charity" and all my nickles, dimes, dollars, ten spots, what have you need to be going there and the off shoot charity it creates of "Send Lolly's Parents to Carnegie Hall."


Martha said...

My sweet neighbor girl JUST came by selling those crappy buckets of dough last night! I pretended not to have any money.

kenady said...

i am so with you!!! we already have our fundraising stuff for recycle bags, gift wrap, etc. i just go through and purchase a few items for christmas gifts and be done with it. i cannot stand going door to door and will not subbject my child to needless fundraising for crappy stuff.