Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Should I live so long...

Yesterday, I attended a funeral of a family member on Mister's side. The gentleman was 96. He's survived by his wife whose 95. Emily and Remer had been married 70 years. 70 years!

I only had two occassions to meet the couple. Once at a family reunion and then again at my wedding reception. Both times I was taken with their spirit, zest for life and their health. Yes, they were old but you would never know they were in their 90's.

They'd seen a lot things happen in their lifetime, a lot of things come and go, a lot of changes in their abilities. I think it would be easy to let those changes wear on you, make you bitter, but they were happy, happy people. Even yesterday, Emily was happy, happy to greet guest, appreciative all who came to pay their respects.

When someone lives into their 90's you can't be sad for their passing. For surely they move on to someplace much better. It is a melancholy experience. Makes you think, if given the opportunity would I want to live into my 90's, could I make adjustments in my lifestyle to better my odds of spending my golden years productive, do I want a funeral? Odd? Don't get me wrong the funeral and service were very nice. The Crum's have touched a lot of lives and will continue to do so with the land and money they've gifted. There were a lot of nice things said yesterday and a point was made to say that they gave with no intention of ever being recognized for it.

That's kind of how I want it. Most likely on a smaller scale. I want to have a lot life in my years and I hope to give of my time, love, and money to help others. And when it's time to go I don't want to be recognized or mourned or whatever you want to call it, I just want to wait on the other side for my loved ones.

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