Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am not even in the neighborhood of being shredded nor am I really any lighter but I made it through the complete 30 days, straight.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let Lent Begin

I always know when I have a great Mardi Gras because I feel like garbage the next day. As with any year, there’s been a lot of talk around the House of Fowler about what each one of us is giving up. For many outside and few within Catholicism, Lent is just known as a time when people give up pop, candy, fried food etc. The focus becomes about the “stuff” and not what Lent is really about at all.

Lent is a time of prayer, fasting, and alms giving all designed to bring you closer to God. Mister hates to hear when I am going to give up sugar and/or diet pop because he knows he may have to weather some cranky times. These things are hard for me because they have a hold on me. I crave them daily, numerous times throughout the day. When these cravings take over I use the opportunity to remind me to turn to God, say a pray, ask for help, or just give thanks for something, then in turn increasing my prayer life. Much needed.

For 40 days I will be fasting from pop, sugar, and complaining about work, as well as practicing general periods of fasting. And because I really want this to be a period of growth for me I am plan to fast from unnecessary spending and stuff. As luck would have it I ran across this idea, 40 Bags in 40 days yesterday on  Faith and Family Live. Fits perfect with my decluttering resolution. I plan to use bags of various sizes depending on the day and time available to dedicate to the task.

Anybody else giving up anything or have any special ways you spend Lent?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler

Happy Mardi Gras! Indulge!

Valentine Updates

Here are the pictures of Lolly's room. Ignore the mess, if you can. She was impressed with the homemade felt garland. The  floor is covered in balloons (and mess)

We had a really nice weekend. Lolly and I spent Valentines Day shopping, lunching, and then went to Sips n Strokes. I still have a ways to go with relaxing and not stressing about the end result. But I think I am making progress with my pictures. As you can see my tree trunk is way too wide. Tree trunk is harder than it sounds. Here's the inspiration
Here's how mine turned out...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Strange Coincidence

Lately, I’ve been od’ing on craft blogs. Tons of great craft blogs. While scrolling through them I’ve found a common thread on many of them…The Book of Mormon. Don’t laugh, seriously. I mean this in all sincerity what is the connection to being Mormon and a killer crafter?

If I have time I’ll have to come back and link to the many, many, many blogs I’ve viewed over the last few weeks.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Torn Between To Loves

It's a tough one. My favorite place, the place where I feel the most relaxed and at ease is here.
How could it not be fun to pull for the Saints.
However, home is forever Indiana so I'll have to pull for my home State team.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

3rd Times a Charm or 3 Strikes You're Out

I reserved spots for Lolly and I to paint this on Valentine's Day. The Funky Love Tree.

This will be my 4th time sippin and strokin, my 3rd time trying a "funky" painting. I promised myself after my last attempt at a Funky Tree, which strangely ended up resembling an octopuss, I'd give myself a break on the "Funky" but I was takin in by those dang little hearts.Those free form branches not as easy as they look or it could be I am just not funky enough. I hope I don't come home with a painting that looks like should be titled Uptight Love Tree to add to my collection becaue I already have Uptight Funky Tree and Uptight Funky Vase.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Almost Complete

You might remember that I started to work on our office a few weeks ago. I've made some progress. I had grand ideas of shelves on the wall but scrapped that (only after buying the selves and having to return them) thinking there really wasn't space. It's a small room, even for a small room.
The desk and all those cords are still a work in progress.

My favorite find was the that galvanized shelf we found on sale at IKEA. I got for $11.20. Seriously. They had about 5 and I wanted 3 to use in the garage or storage area but knew I couldn't fit all of them in the Rolla so I only got 2. But in the end I could only fit 1 in the car. On the way home I could have kicked myself because I think I figured out how I could have fit 2 in the car after all but after 3 hrs of IKEA Lolly and I were no longer able to think outside the box. So when I scrapped the wall shelves idea I decided to use the galvanized unit in the office.

My old desk had shelves and instead of using baskets I used these galvanized pots to hold paper clips, pens, pencils, post-its etc. I just bunched them on this "cd holder" until I can figure something better. Since most all of my "desk work" is done on line I guess it's not real important to have paperclips and such at my finger tips.

The wall opposite of the desk holds the tv stand below. I am not showing you the tv because it's so old it's not even vcr/dvd adaptable. We were using it in the dogs room but pulled it into the office to statisfy our need to be within inches of a tv at all times. I don't know what's more of an issue, our dependence on tv or that we've allowed our dogs to take over the guest bedroom.

Next to the tv stand is a file cabinet waiting to be spray painted black. That's Mister's job but I think I'll do it next non-rainy weekend. If not it could stay beige until the next re-do of the office.

I am on the hunt for a small chair to fit in the corner next to the galvanized shelves so I can sit in here and read and/or watch tv. Right now I usually do that in bedroom and it puts me to sleep and I have yet to finish a book this year.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 10

Did I mention that I started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred? Today is day 10. I had heard a lot about the Shred and how hard it was. Honestly, I thought it would be tough but I'd be tougher. I've worked out for years, I've worked with several trainers throughout the years, for crying out loud I ran 6 miles injured to finish a half marathon. I can take the pain.

Having not being able to run since getting injured in October, I knew it would be a little rough to start but holy cow, it's day 10 and I am still hurting and I am still on level 1. It's 20 minutes of huffing, puffing, moaning, and usually cussing.

I gained 5lbs over the holidays and I didn't have room to gain 5lbs, I was already "trying" to lose. Not being able to run has been hard. I don't particularly like to exercise but I love to run. It's more mental therapy than is it "physical" therapy for me. I am not seeing any results yet from the Shred but it's only been a little of a week. I do feel stronger though.

Has anybody else done or started the Shred? I think I'll start level Two tomorrow or Saturday but seriously, I am bit scared.

I have until August to get it together and in shape, more on that later...

Monday, February 1, 2010

Not A Great Start To February

How bad is it that it's only February 1st and I want a vacation? Not a go to the beach vacation, however that would be lovely. A stay home, rest, unwind, do something, mean something, figure it all out vacation. I have 158 hours of vacation, it's not  like I couldn't afford a day off or two. But the idea of using the time and it not being what I want. What if I don't come back relaxed, what if I don't figure it all out, whatever "it" is. What if that just feeds a craving for more time off.

Funny how early in life I was driven by the idea of a career. I'd like to punch whoever sold me that bill of goods. Career, what is that anyway. Why is that important. The older I get the more I just want to be able to be at home, travel when I want, slow down and actually enjoy the day, my life, rather than autopilot to the end of the week so I can enjoy my off time.

I am sensing somethings out of balance here. I'd really just like to sit around in my pj's drink coffee and watch good movies for awhile.