Friday, February 5, 2010

Almost Complete

You might remember that I started to work on our office a few weeks ago. I've made some progress. I had grand ideas of shelves on the wall but scrapped that (only after buying the selves and having to return them) thinking there really wasn't space. It's a small room, even for a small room.
The desk and all those cords are still a work in progress.

My favorite find was the that galvanized shelf we found on sale at IKEA. I got for $11.20. Seriously. They had about 5 and I wanted 3 to use in the garage or storage area but knew I couldn't fit all of them in the Rolla so I only got 2. But in the end I could only fit 1 in the car. On the way home I could have kicked myself because I think I figured out how I could have fit 2 in the car after all but after 3 hrs of IKEA Lolly and I were no longer able to think outside the box. So when I scrapped the wall shelves idea I decided to use the galvanized unit in the office.

My old desk had shelves and instead of using baskets I used these galvanized pots to hold paper clips, pens, pencils, post-its etc. I just bunched them on this "cd holder" until I can figure something better. Since most all of my "desk work" is done on line I guess it's not real important to have paperclips and such at my finger tips.

The wall opposite of the desk holds the tv stand below. I am not showing you the tv because it's so old it's not even vcr/dvd adaptable. We were using it in the dogs room but pulled it into the office to statisfy our need to be within inches of a tv at all times. I don't know what's more of an issue, our dependence on tv or that we've allowed our dogs to take over the guest bedroom.

Next to the tv stand is a file cabinet waiting to be spray painted black. That's Mister's job but I think I'll do it next non-rainy weekend. If not it could stay beige until the next re-do of the office.

I am on the hunt for a small chair to fit in the corner next to the galvanized shelves so I can sit in here and read and/or watch tv. Right now I usually do that in bedroom and it puts me to sleep and I have yet to finish a book this year.


Scientific Housewife said...

Everything looks so organized! Good job :)

Sherrie said...

It's looking great. Our home office is in desperate need of an overhaul, but my dh works out of it so I know it will never stay organized to my standards! I think that's why it's on the back burner for new everything.

Martha said...

Girrrrrrl? Lookin' GOOD!