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Monday, November 24, 2008

Tonights Project

Lolly is out of town this week so that can only mean one thing ~ time to clean her room. If you can ever really consider it clean due to all the clutter. I always think it holds such cute potential if there wasn't so much non coordinating stuff in there. But the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. When I was growing up my walls were so covered with stuff you couldn't even see what color they were and I thought it was great. So I continue to try to keep quite and let her enjoy her space as she sees fit, with a pick up and modification every now and then that is...I know it doesn't look it but you have to trust me, this is the clean version

Sure, I get a new look and then have nothing to say. Not completely true but most of last week was spent Christams shopping. That is not my list but I do have a 4pg handy dandy spreadsheet that is even better that I have been using. I love to be organized. The down side is that most of my list is now complete before Black Friday. That won't stop me though, I'll be out there finding all kind of things I didn't know we needed until I saw it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Look

I have a new look. I worked with Shauna of See My Deigns which I know was not easy for Shauna because I am much better at saying what I don't like than describing what I want. Shauna was great to work with, very patient, and eager to find the look I was looking for. I was really attached to my free background and I don't like change (haha) but I wanted something customized. If your looking for the same check out Shauna. Her prices are really responsible. I know because I saw some crazy pricing out there!

Letter to Santa

This is what Lolly did to occupy her time while I tried on a couple suits at Macy's last Saturday.
It reads: Dear Santa, Merry Christmas! I would love the Mario kart DS game! A red Matrix phone for att would be cool, also! But in the Spirit of Giving, I would like the less fortunate to get what they need to have a wonderful and safe holiday. Oh and again, Merry Christmas!

At this time of year when one minute I am worrying about not buying enough for her, then worrying about buying her too much. Thinking do we need another toy, knick knack or doo dad brought into this house? I often worry that as an only child with two sets of parents and several sets of grandparents ,she will lose the real meaning of the season. However she continues to show me that she knows what's really important.

Saturday was also spent buying our Angel Tree gifts, our Thanksgiving Basket items, and Lolly's adopt a Grandparent stuff.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Running School or Bust

I am signed up to attend Jeff Galloway's Running School this Saturday from 7:00am-10:00am. It was 26 degrees this morning! 26!!! That's cold. I am thinking maybe that wasn't such a good idea.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Pokeno Night

It's the last Pokeno Game of the year and I am feeling lucky. Last month I was a big winner and know my streak will continue tonight. For those of you who haven't played before, Pokeno is like Bingo but with bigger cards and instead of numbered balls you use a deck of cards. Everyone puts in $5 in the pot and brings a gift that costs no more than $10. The winner of each round picks a gift, which can be stolen up to three times, which can make for some interesting moments. There is also a hostess round and the final money round where you have to fill your entire card to win.

I am feeling pressure tonight because my last two gifts have been widely sought after. I am not completely pleased with my gift. I wanted to put it together gift basket style but the cute "basket" I had just wouldn't accomodate the stuff. So I just wrappped it all and stuck in a gift bag. Here 's what I came up with.

2 wine glasses (Noel is written on the stems), 2 dish towels, a pack of beverage napkins and a bottle of $2 chuck. (always popular with the group, not sure what that says about us). I think I paid something like 25cents a piece for the glasses and maybe $3 for the set of towels. (love after Christmas sales). They've been sitting in my gift closet for a long time, waiting for just the right occassion.

Could that towel be any cuter? I am having second thoughts of letting go it it.I know these ladies, they are going to want this towel, the other stuff will just be a bonus.

Here it is, all disguised. Nobody will guess there's "Christmas" stuff in there. Gotta run, I hardly look ready to socialize. I need some quick touching up....

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Wasn't it just yesterday that I was talking about my slump at work? Why yes it was. Well I came in to work this morning to find that I have been awarded a Southern Excellence Award by one of the groups I support. I am completely surprised and honored. Since this a monetary award I am also very thankful.

Perhaps this is God's way of telling me to stop worrying about where my career should go because I am right where he wants me to be for now.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Getting a jump on things.

I love the end of the year. I get so excited about the beginning of a new year and all the possibilities. I am amazed at how much things can change in a year's time. That's not to say that all my years are full of excitement and life changing events. Some are rather forgetable but there are others that are nothing short of amazing. Normally this excitement hits in December but this year it's hit early. Tomorrow is my birthday, the start of a new year, so it's had me thinking "what do I want to accomplish in the year 42 to 43"? I will admit I have been "stuck" recently. While I love my company, I am overwhelming bored most days at work. Knowing I've done "more" in past positions at past companies, I feel that I am not living up to my potential, that my talents are not being used, and more importantly I am operating from a comfort zone and not learning anything new. My fitness goals have lagged, gaining and losing the same 3-4 pounds, the house always seems a mess. I could go on but I am sure you get the picture. Dang, I am bringing myself down. Haha.

Any how, I am treating myself to a few days off from work starting tomorrow afternoon. My plan is to take a look at the next year and decide where to I want to be on my birthday in 2009 and develop a plan. I plan to get organized at home and come back to work refreshed and re-focused.

Because I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, I stumbled across this website this morning. There's some really good articles on motivation and lots of other great posts I can't wait to read that could help move out of my many slumps and on to one of those life changing years...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday Count Down

Normally I start the birthday count down a month in advance. I remind Mister and Lolly on a daily basis from Oct 13 to Nov 12 that my birthday is Nov 13, almost borderline obnoxious. I usually spend that month buying myself my best birthday presents. However, this year I haven't had the same excitement. Has nothing to do with age, that really doesn't tend to bother me but I am not sure why the lack luster this year. While the level of excitement is not there ,the shopping tradition remains the same. This may be my nextbirthday purchase.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Pink is my signature color

You have to love that quote and this t-shirt that Mrs. Southern has designed for a good cause.
They are available on here
Visit her blog and leave a comment for a chance to win one for free!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Preppy Christmas Decorations Swap

Here are the specifics:
*Sign up by leaving ClemsonGirl a comment with your blog address. If you want to swap and don't have a blog, leave her your email and she'll match you up, too! Deadline to sign up will be this Sunday night, November 9.
* Copy this photo and add it to your blog as a linky back to her.
* She'll assign partners Monday the 10th.
* Budget is $20-25, not including shipping, but feel free to bargain shop all you want.
* Mail your package by November 22, the Saturday before Thanksgiving.
* The contents of your package are up to you...just make them Christmas decorations that are preppy and fun! You might want to exchange emails with your partner to get an idea of her style. You can include anything; ornaments, paper, kitchenware, wreaths, decorations, stockings, garland, containers, name it.
Thanks Clemson Girl, this is going to be fun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Comic Relief

This just in...

Thought you might like to see an advance version of the Obama bumper sticker, due to released Wednesday November 5th

Election Results

I can't say that I was surprised but I do feel an overwhelming sadness today. I hope that more good than damage can be done in the next 4 years. When it comes to politics and the political process isn't that all we can hope for? A process that has tried it's best to remove itself from the foundation from which it was formed, God.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Heart Walk

This morning I participated in the Heart Walk, a 5K that started and ended at Turner Field. I actually ran it instead of walking it. Why walk when you can run, Huh?
The weather was perfect. I got some exercise, raised money for a great cause, and got a cute shirt. Not a bad way to start the weekend.