Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday Count Down

Normally I start the birthday count down a month in advance. I remind Mister and Lolly on a daily basis from Oct 13 to Nov 12 that my birthday is Nov 13, almost borderline obnoxious. I usually spend that month buying myself my best birthday presents. However, this year I haven't had the same excitement. Has nothing to do with age, that really doesn't tend to bother me but I am not sure why the lack luster this year. While the level of excitement is not there ,the shopping tradition remains the same. This may be my nextbirthday purchase.


kenady said...

i'm with ya... we normally celebrate for a week... it pisses my hubby off, but hey- if i weren't born then he wouldn't be so blissfully happy right now:)

this past year though it did feel like just another day.

hope you have a great birthday! it's an awesome excuse to eat cake:)

Belle in Bloom said...

Have a great birthday!! Can't wait to hear about the lovelies you bought, I mean, received. ;)

Have a wonderful day!