Friday, July 31, 2009

Word to The Mister

Happy Anniversary

I can't think of anybody else I rather have drive me crazy

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Table Topics Tuesday

if you lived to be 100 would you rather have a sharp mind or a fit body

a sharp mind, I am continuosly working to achieve the fit body and a think a fit mind might take less work and upkeep, at least I hoping so...

which would you choose?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Room Re-Do

We started with this
And ended with this

I found that cute quilt and sheet set at TJ Maxx. I wonder how long it will stay white?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How Do I Look?

A few weeks ago I asked Wendy at A Southern Accent to help give my running blog Catholic Runner a new look hoping that it would spur my blogging creativity. I loved what she did so much that I could not wait for her to give the House of Fowler a new look.

Y'all may know Wendy, but if you don't you'll want to head on over there and check her out. She's fantastic work with! Take a look at some of her work

Cute, right?! Not only are her headers super cute but they are super affordable - $25!! You can't beat that, if you ask me.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Table Topics Tuesday

What do you miss most about being a little girl?

Seeing my parents everyday. I have great parents.

What do you miss?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Because I just want to be happy today...

Today I have the unfortunate experience of being witness to a very stressful experience/process for a small group of co-workers.

For some reason this song has made me happy since childhood. And if I am going to be any good to anybody today, I need to find my happy place.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Lets' Play Ball

I signed Lolly up for fall softball yesterday. She's been playing fall and spring ball since 4th grade. I ask before every season, "do you want to play softball this season" to which she replies, to my dismay sometimes, "yes".

We've run the gamut of experiences from the first season when actual tears where shed because the season ended to wanting to quit mid-way through the season. We've had good coaches, bad coaches, competent coaches, incompetent coaches, over involved parents, cool parents. Each season is different.

I've watched Lolly have good seasons and bad seasons, like teammates, dislike teammates, and at times realize that she was too quick to judge, categories, or write-off a teammate. I've noticed that she plays better when she feels her coach believes in her and the wheels fall off if she feels the coach doesn't think she's a good player.

I may not always look forward to practices and games but I like the life lessons softball is teaching her. Whenever we are talking about an issue, I always relate to the work world for her. She's learned that she'll have good bosses and bad bosses and she needs to learn to work with both. She'll have good co-workers and bad co-workers and she'll need to know how to succeed regardless. She's learned that you can't just quite when you have other's depending on you and you have to believe in yourself even if you feel nobody else does.

I wonder what lesson will be learned this season? I just hope it involves very little drama...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Freak of the Week

Sorry, this one was too easy. The freak is Hailey Glassman. Jon's 22 yr old girlfriend.

Seriously what does this say about Hailey. Somethings not right in the self esteem department.

Why would an attractive, young girl just starting out in life choose a 30 something, father of 8 whose going through an early mid life crisis, and received hair plugs on tv? Because that's super sexy. NOT!

Image credit

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finding My Inner Picasso

Last night I had my first Sips n Strokes experience. Seriously what a genius idea. Drink your favorite beverage and paint a picture while they instruct you, of course. If you're like me, you'll need more than a few sips to take the "type A personality" edge off. But once I got over my painter anxiety, it was so much fun. It was interesting to see how different everyone picture turned out. I had several cases of painter's envy throught the evening.

See what I mean about Painter Envy?! This is my friend Valeries'. How good did that turn out!

If you live near one, you gotta go. If not, you need to open one up. We're already trying to decide what we want to paint next!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Table Topics Tuesday

What's your favorite chick flick

oh, I love, love, love chick flicks. Without a doubt mine is

I just love everything about it. The idea of having a cute littel bookstore, cool brownstone, her cute little style, a sweet rich man fall in love with you... Just love it.

What's you favorite?

Point To Ponder

or inappropriate political commentary, you pick. But I saw both today and they made me laugh.

"A Government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul"

~ George Barnard Shaw

Friday, July 10, 2009

Let the Train Wreck Begin

I just can't help myself! Anybody else?

Sweet Jesus, I hope Jesse doesn't last long and he takes Laura and Kevin with him!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Freak of the Week

United Airlines. Seriously, why is good customer service so hard to come by?

You can get the full story here.

I wish we all had the talent and means to embarass companies into action when we come upon bad and indifferent behavior...

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am at a loss

This Friday is my monthly pokeno game and I need a $10 gift idea. I am at a loss. Nothing, blank. I've even thought of just doing 10 one dollar bills if I could think of a good way to display them. I have a good gift reputation to uphold but I am completely fried from our move...

Any ideas? Any suggestions? Any fall back ideas that you always use?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Table Topic Tuesday

what's your most meaningful family heirloom ?

I thought about jewelry I've been given or other momentos that have been passed down but by far I would have to say my religion. I've always felt that when my dad married my mom when I was about 4 or 5 he gave us the two greatest gifts, his last name and our religion. It is the single most thing that defines me.

what family heirloom do you cherish?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Everything in it's place

ALMOST. Still working on the bits and pieces. For someone who's been working on simplifying for the last 2 years I sure seem to have a lot of stuff left.

The original House of Fowler seems really small right now and it's only Mister and I (Lolly is away for the summer.) I told Mister we need to develop some ground rules, like a tv schedule since we went from a family room and man den to just a family room, and some kind agreement on the blind arrangements. I like them open and Mister keeps them closed. Mark my words, it's the little things that will send me over the edge.

Exhausted from moving. The your eyes hurt kind of tired!