Saturday, August 1, 2009

Can you feel yourself gain weight?

I've eaten so much my hips hurt.
On Monday I start Weight Watchers at Work, that is if I can find anything I can fit into to wear to work on Monday morning.

My beginning of weight watchers is 3 weeks in the making, 3 weeks of "if I am going to eat this after I start weight watchers I am going to have log it's points so I probably wouldn't eat it so I better eat it now"... dangerous way to live...this was my breakfast

only it wasn't the round version, it was the long creme filled verison which I proceeded to add extra sprinkles too because in my book you can never have enough sprinkles.
Monday maybe difficult...

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Coco said...

Good luck! My Aunt is doing Weight Watchers and was a 12 in April. She is now a size 6. It seems to really work for everyone. GOOD LUCK!