Wednesday, August 12, 2009


That's what my Honda is being sold for, scrap. My Honda CRV is no more. After 1o years and 180,000 plus miles it could go no more. I always said I would drive it till the wheels came off. Well the wheels didn't come off but the engine won't go any longer so I guess that's about the same thing.

Without my car, I was left to drive Mister's smelly Big Rig, which is some sort of Ford truck. You can't even open the passenger side door without a pop cup and an empty 5 hour energy bottle falling out. Very classy. The air conditioner doesn't even work properly. I could go on but in Atlanta in the middle of summer, commuting downtown in business attire, well I couldn't go on long like that.

But there was a problem - car payment. After not having a car payment in quite some time I was not looking forwad to the idea of a car payment. So my number 1 criteria for replacing the Honda was price. I am talking cheap. The cheaper the better. In the car world cheap means small or old or both. I really don't have a problem with either small or old. Mister, well that's another story.

Based on our criteria - price (me), make (either Honda or Toyota, both of us), year and mileage (Mister) let me intorudce you to the rolla
I am now rollin in the rolla. A red 2008 Toyota Corolla. Don't laugh. I have no car shame. (and I say this only because most of my friends fall into the SUV, luxury car, or I deserve a nice car mindset catergory, I fall into the Dave Ramsey I am getting the hell out of debt category) It comes with a small car payment, working air conditioner, and will probably run another 10 years.

Boy do I miss my Honda...


Coco said...

You are better than me and sound a lot like Adam. I have been able to finagle a new car after each kiddo (used but new to us). And get pretty bratty about it.

Adam drives a pickup that he will probably be driving for the next 20 years. Funny.

Dave Ramsey would be soooo proud.

Mom on the Run said...

So, so cute! Wish we'd bought Corollas for the girls instead of those dang VW's. We just turned over the title to J1's Jetta to her....and it is now her problem. She's saving for a new car, but it will be a couple of years, so I hope she can make it last until then. She's had it since she was 16.

All our cars are paid for and I don't see DOTR getting rid of that 10 year old Landcruiser. Ever. We paid cash in 1999 and he's been in love ever since!

Martha said...

I'm with you. We haven't had a car payment in YEARS.

And not having a big car payment is way cooler than driving a 60k car, if you ask me.