Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reason #1 Why the Internet is Dangerous

Because I don't know what I need until I see it...Blog browsing this morning I ran across this Dooney & Burke handbag which I thought would haunt me until I make it my own. Only to find out it's no longer available. Now I am in mourning.

Dear Dooney & Bourke,

Please bring this bag back. Everything you offer pales in comparison.


Lisa said...

LOVE it! Crap, now I'll have to have one, too! Maybe I can find a cheaper look alike ;-)

Scientific Housewife said...

I do love me some Dooney! :)

Kat said...

Great bag! I have yet to cross over to Dooney. Love them just so expensive!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful :)

Coco said...

They have a huge red bag that I am obsessed with.

I am waiting until fall to make the purchase. Now you have me all nervous it will be gone.

Have you checked on ebay?