Friday, May 7, 2010

91 Days and Counting

I am still working out the kinks. There are a lot of them. More than I realized. Good thing I visited Kerry today and read her post on discovering the secret to losing weight.

I am not anywhere near highschool skinny.  In fact if caught on hidden camera some might think I was actually eating for two.

Next week I am trying Kerry's secret. I think I can manage the water part. The eating less, well that might just be a kink...I believe Kerry knows what's she talking about. Why the answer is so easy but seems so hard is just beyond me. Hence the extra 15pounds. The madness of it...

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k e r r y said...

Trust me - if you eat less you will lose those 15 pounds. I'll give you another tip... think about your bad time of day. When do you tend to fall off the wagon? For me dinner time is bad because I have to cook every night and when I cook I eat. My willpower is strongest during day so my breakfast & lunch are always light & low cal. Always. You can do it!!!