Monday, May 24, 2010

It's All in the Planning

Since I started my 100 day countdown (as of today there is 74 days left - man I've wasted a major amount of time) most days I show up with no eating plan at all and hope for the best. A crazy woman's strategy. I've worked in this building long enough to know that there's nothing in the cafeteria that is going to be healthy, yummy, and reasonably enough priced to my liking.

Holy crap only 74 days left. Can you sense my panic? Moving forward, I turned over a new leaf this morning - planning what I would eat throughout the work day.

Breakfast - 1/2 c of oatmeal and 1/2 oz of walnuts.
Snack - apple and 1 tbsp of natural chunky peanut butter
Lunch - veggie and cheese sandwich, carrot sticks, and blueberries
Snack- 1/2 serving of blue chips and 1 tbsp of hummus
Snack - salad with 1 tbsp of dressing, 1/2 oz cheddar cheese, and 1tsp of roasted nuts.
for a total of 969 calories.

I am proud in my planning. But it's 2:13 and I've eaten everything but the salad and I am hungry. I may have gone on the record before about this but I think I may be the only person in the history of the world who can eat 1/2 cup of oatmeal and be hungry an hour later. I guess I should add some protein.

The morale of this story may be that I don't have enough to do at work if I can so much of day center around eating.

Ok, I got 413 calories max left for the day. Wish me luck with dinner


Scientific Housewife said...

Good for you! I couldn't do it, I have trained my body to be hungry all the time! I heard a trick that if you chew slower, you get full faster (brain to stomach thing). You should try that!

Melissa Miller said...

Yes! Add the protein. That would leave anyone hungry for more food.

What a healthy eating plan and menu you have listed. I have been reading about the *clean eating* way and this sounds like it. We are doing that as well and it feels wonderful!

You can do it Ann! ~Melissa :)