Thursday, May 13, 2010

Like a good neighbor unless we have to pay for something

Ever since this
They  have been nothing but DISAPPOINTING. They say it's suppose to be easier when both drivers have the same insurance company. All it's really done is made it more frustrating. Looks like it may be time to end a 20 yr relationship. Anyone have an insurance company they just love?


Mom on the Run said...

We had Liberty Mutual for problems because we had no wrecks. We have Geico now, hopefully with the same result. J3 hit somebody a couple months ago, but he was driving a work truck, so I'm not sure what happened other than DOTR paid $1000 to cover the deductible.

Wrecks are no fun unless it's clearly somebody else's fault. When I got hit by a dump truck backing up at a stop light with my 9 months pregnant friend in the front seat....well, I got just about anything I wanted.

Preppy Little Dress said...

It's a tough call, what's going on? Without knowing the facts it's hard to give you advise! Is it about getting your deductible back? I wouldn't switch carriers over one accident. I wish you luck in settling your claim. Good luck!

Preppy Little Dress said...
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Scientific Housewife said...

We use USAA because my father-in-law is a veteran but we haven't had an accident (knock on wood) to know how good they are yet.