Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Who Will I Be Tomorrow

I watched Nights In Rodanthe last weekend. Thank goodness I knew the ending or I would have been a sobbing mess. Diane Lane's character talks about how when you get married and have children at some point you give up who you are and become who you think you should be. I think there is so much truth in that statement. In the movie that hasn't really worked well for her. Richard Gere's character tells her to stop being who she thinks she should be and be what she wants to be, or something to that effect. I think that takes her by surprise. That she has a choice.

All this is very timely for me, in that November is my birthday month. I always find that I seem to re-evaluate and take stock of the what, where, why, and what's next in my life during this month. This really has me wondering have I lost part of me. I think so. Not on purpose. I use to be funnier. I use to be clever. Now I am caught up in the mundane. I hope to spend the next year working on getting rid of those things about me that bog me down and invite in more of things that bring me joy.

Oh I also tend to go on spending sprees in November. I have a sneaky suspicion that may be directly related to the exercise of taking stock of my life...

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