Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Best Laid Plans

Otherwise know how my Thanksgiving has been hijacked. Last year I stayed home with just me and the Mister. Total bliss. PJs, watching movies on couch,cooking, bottle of wine. It was so wonderful I told Mister, I don't intend to go anywhere next year either. Feel free to invite your family here but I am not leaving the house. I was feeling pretty happy with myself. Certain I had set myself up for another enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Imagine my surprise Friday night when Mister mentions going to his brother's for Thanksgiving. Certain I was going to need to be rushed to the emergency room because my blood pressure was so high, I begin to ask how this went down. I learn
  • that 2 weeks AGO was the first sign of trouble, but no word to me.
(2 paragraphs edited to protect the guilty and protect the peace)

I hoping for a Thanksgiving miracle. Maybe I'll be visited by 3 turkeys on Wednesday night and wake up Thursday absolutely giddy to get dressed, drive across town, and sit and make small talk.


suburban prep said...

I think you just wrote my story.

Mom on the Run said...

My deepest sympathy.

The Wife said...

I hope it all goes well...