Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saints Day

The Feast of All Saints is a holy day of the Church honoring all saints, known and unknown. This is much like the American holidays Veterans Day and Presidents Day, where many people are honored on one day. While we have information about many saints, and we honor them on specific days, there are many unknown or unsung saints, who may have been forgotten, or never been specifically honored. On All Saints Day, we celebrate these saints of the Lord, and ask for their prayers and intercessions.

All Saints Day is a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics. As luck would have it, it falls on a Sunday this year. We'll already be in church.

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Mom on the Run said...

At our church (Methodist), we ring a bell as the name of each member who passed during the year is read. Friends and family stand for a moment. It's very sad.

Of course, growing up as a Lutheran, it's also Reformation Day, so we always have to sing a rousing round of "A Mighty Fortress".