Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Takes A Village

and I have at least two. A Dickens Village and then some has been handed down to me by an Aunt. On my last trip home, I was given half of what she has. I couldn't fit Lolly, myself, our luggage and all my village in the car. I had to leave some behind.  My Aunt is awaiting my return to give the other half. My mom, to have me take what was left behind.

I once worked with a guy who kept a village up year round in a room in his house. Since downsizing space is at a premium.

Anyone out there have a village? Where do you put it?


Tara said...

I adore my Christmas village! I hate that I won't get it up this year, but you can be it will be out next year!

I also have a friend who leaves hers out year-round.

Sherrie said...

We have the Dept 56 North Pole collection. We put it all around the soffits in our kitchen and on a three tier shelf in the den.

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I love Christmas Villages. I had a beautiful village that got so big I couldn't display it all at the same time. Each year it got to be more and more of a problem so last year I donated it to an Assisted Living Senior's home. I miss it terrible but was sent a photo and note on how much the residents were enjoying it. I did a good deed but I still miss it! I will enjoy everyone else's instead. Merry Christmas!