Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Is Black The New Crazy

Many years ago when I worked in retail I longed for the day when I could be one of the "normal" people out shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Flash forward and I've shopped many a Black Friday.But last year I realized after getting out early, finding what I wanted, and then waiting in an ungodly long line, that it's really just not that fun.

I am amazed that Toy's R Us is opening at midnight, Old Navy at 3:00am. Crazy! Oh I just heard Old Navy is opening Thanksgiving Day from Noon-7:00. That's a new retail low, if you ask me.

So do you love or hate Black Friday?


Coco said...

I have never done it and NEVER plan on it.

I don't like grown ups enough to put up with that many in one place. I can't even imagine the idiots.

The Wife said...

I love to find good deals but I am not going to run and fight my way through it. I have no patience. I would rather pay a few extra dollars and not be in the mad rush!