Tuesday, January 25, 2011


What do you do when everyone and everything is on your nerves? I mean really on your nerves and for no apparent reason. I've taken the counting your blessings approach to no avail.

Do you think it would be a bad idea to go into the boss's office and say " I need to go home, I am in deseparate need of an attitude adjustment and I am certain that it can't happen while I am sitting out here in a cube."

If my performance review wasn't next Monday, I'd do just that. Man, I hope this mood passes before Monday.

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Sherrie said...

Alcohol! Massage Mani/Pedi Shopping therapy. I too really feel like I need a day off. I am just in that typical 3rd quarter slump (even though it just began Monday). Hope you snap out of it. It doesn't help that I cannot eat anything good during this detox. I think I have OD'd on hummus, rice crackers, veggies, and avocado. :P