Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Goals

Without further ado. Far from original.

  1. Lose about 10 lbs - Starting at 118 or it could be 120. I haven't stepped on the scale in two days. I am shooting for 108 but probably would be happy at 112. It's kind of a moving target. The weight charts say I should weigh in around 100-112 but I am really going by how I look and how my (old) clothes fit.
  2. Stick to a budget.
  3. Read 2books a month. One for fun, one for some sort of learning.

There are other areas and things I would like to focus on through out the year but I didn't want to put them in goal form and over complicate things. My intention is to post at least monthly on my progress - what's working, what's not working, etc.

Just a word or two on the weight goal. I know that to some my goal of 112 is enough to elicit an eye roll but remember I am only 5' and I am rounding up and 3 months ago I was weighing in at 130and starting to feel the effects. My second bit on weight is this, especially if you are younger, learn to eat healthy, to get exercise, and love yourself they way you are. If you do that weight will not be an issue. I promise you the last thing you want to do is spend the next 10, 20, 30 years focusing on your weight because you'll wake up at 44 and think you wasted a hell of a lot time. There's a great big wonderful world out there just waiting for you and it's hard to enjoy when you spend decades making your weight your focus.

I am stepping off my soap box - older and wiser.

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Scientific Housewife said...

Sounds like some great goals, I especially like the reading one.