Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Thought You Would Never Come

Seriously, I was beginning to think I just dreamt that I ordered a pair of sandals. I had waited and thought about ordering a pair for so long that when I called and Vivian answered the phone I was too stunned to even make small talk. I ordered and I waited, waited, and waited and just when I thought I should call and check the reality of my order, they arrived today. They are worth every stinkin minute of waiting. (70 days from order to delivery)

I want them in every color! Would it be too obnoxious to have my monogram on every pair?


Belle said...

they're gorgeous! And no. You NEED your monogram on every pair. How long did you wait?

Anonymous said...

How stinkin cute are those?!
Never seen any monogrammed before, but am lovin' it!

Martha said...

Oooo. So. Cute.

And, yes. You need one in every color. With your monogram. Final answer.