Thursday, May 28, 2009

Because I am deep like that...

My Facebook Daily Tarot:

The Hanged Man - This card denotes the need to look at your current situation from a different perspective. The Hanged Man creates change by acting passively and accepting fate. By surrendering control and making yourself vulnerable, you will facilitate change in your life. In order to see the bigger picture, you will need to take a
step back.

Could this be speaking to my overwhelming dread of having to drive to the middle of nowhere, sit in the muggy, mosquito infested great outdoors at 8:00pm and watch a bunch of 13yr old girls lose yet one more softball game? Probably not, but I guess I should change my outlook. However after a no-win season and a loss in the first game of the tournament, I think I am fairly equipped to predict the outcome of tonight. Hey I am a realist, what can I say. But great hit last night Lolly!

A few parents even discussed that maybe we should start tailgating before the games to make them worthwhile, not to mention to medicate ourselves for the painful 75minutes to follow.

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