Friday, October 24, 2008

Fright Fest

Tonight is Lolly's Fright Fest Sleepover and yes I am wondering "What was I thinking?" Who knew 4 tweens could be so loud??!! And they haven't even started to watch the scary movies. I need some aspirins!!!

Note to self: Next year ~NO.


Monogrammed Teacher said...

Good, good, luck!! Just know they are having a blast!

Belle in Bloom said...

Oh my goodness! Have fun and good luck!

kenady said...

Please post pics when it's all said and done!

I think I miss sleep overs the most... now that I'm in my 30's the only sleep overs I get are the ones which work provides... not the fun free for alls that include crazy story telling, nail polishing and movies! Live vicariously, I say!

Angie said...

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Congrats again!!