Monday, November 29, 2010

Battle with the Christmas Lights

And I am losing. Every year I put you a few artifical trees - Lolly's room, my room, and the dining room this year. This holds us over until we can get a real tree for the great room. Usually I have no problems but this year every day it seems like there's another string of lights out. It's driving me crazy! Maybe I should invest in some trees with the ltd lights already on them. I heard they are easier and brighter.

Do you prefer fake or real trees? Do you have any with the light already on them?


Mom on the Run said...

I bought the prelit trees for the first time last year. I like them okay...they don't have as many lights as I put on my trees, but it's a lot easier once you get the right plugs in the right place. We have a few (too many) fake trees around the house and one great big real tree in the living room that I decorate with all our Nutcracker ornaments collected over the years. DOTR usually wants to get it really early, but it's always dead by the week before Christmas so last year I made him wait two weeks and it was BEAUTIFUL. Still smelled great on Christmas day.

Anonymous said...

I use the pre-lit trees now and LOVE them! I don't like a ton of lights so it works well for me.

I grew up with real trees but with my dog (who licks up the water and eats the tree), I've switched to fake. I just asked a similar question on my blog and then popped over here. We're on the same wave length!

Preppy Sue said...

Real trees all the way here! We usually get two, one for the living room and a small one for our sunroom. This year we tagged one really tall one for our sunroom (cathedral ceiling)...can't wait to pick it up next weekend!

Hang in there with the lights!

Staci Edwards said...

We do real trees. It's a pain sweeping the needles everyday, but I love the smell!

Martha said...

Well, I prefer real, but our space is too small so I have a super-narrow fake tree.

I've had to buy all new lights for the last 2 years now and I'm so irritated. Since I had to do it again this year, I bought bottom of the barrel $2.98 for a 100 light strand from Home Depot. But I know I'll be in the same situation next year, so I'm going to try and snag a bunch of LED lights at the end of the season. Man, they're expensive...$13 for a 50 light strand.

I know I should've just bought the LED strands, but I just wasn't ready to cough up $100.