Sunday, June 13, 2010


that's my thinking. I've been eating clean for a week and feel good. The cravings are gone. Don't get me wrong. The idea of a cake doughnut with chocolate icing and tons of sprinkles like you get at the QuikTrip still sounds pretty yummy but I am not plagued with thoughts of sugar and candy anymore. So all is going well.

Then I weigh myself this morning.  Down 2 lbs. That's good right?  But somehow I am disappointed because there's no noticeable difference.Then I have to remind myself that it's only been a week. It's only 2lbs. What do I want? Do I think one good week is going to undo the 20lbs of cakes and cookies? Well yes, yes I do. I watch too much tv, too much Biggest Loser, read to many before and after weight loss articles. It's been one week. How ridiculous am I!

If it was quick and easy everyone would thin right? Slow and steady wins the race right?


Scientific Housewife said...

Yes, slow and steady is what does it. Just don't give in to the temptations!

teresa-bug said...

'They' say that 2 lbs a week is the healthy way to go. I am trying not to desire immediate gratification---it is so hard!!!!