Thursday, June 10, 2010

Change of Plans

While looking for shoes for my reunion dress I stumbled upon this dress here. Mister likes it better than my original choice and I'm told it looks more like me.

Only problem is, it hurt my feelings the first time I tried it on. Hurt, like in I wouldn't been seen in public in a dress this tight. But surely with all this clean eating I am doing, it should fit like a glove in no time at all. (fingers crossed and mouth shut) Either that or my co-workers suggest Spanx as a back up plan.


Mom on the Run said...

Ohh, I like both of them. I have a couple of really pretty dresses in my closet that require major spanx action and no sitting. That's why they still have tags on them, I guess!

Scientific Housewife said...

I like both but that Maggy London dress is gorgeous!

Coco said...

You should always wear spanx with fancy dresses, no matter how skinny you get.

I love the navy.