Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too Much of Good Thing

will still leave you chubby.

I telecommuted yesterday and to deal with the lack of  interesting work, I snacked all day. Healthy stuff, but still unneeded calories.

I recently read Women, Food and God by Geneen Roth. One of the main things I got out of the book is that we'll make weight the problem to distract us from what's really wrong or missing in our life and/or avoid our real feelings. This made so much since to me because since I was about 15 I've been battling 10 unwanted pounds. Sometimes those pounds were real sometimes imagined. Now that I am older, it's 20 pounds. All this time I wondered why an intelligent, somewhat together person could not rid herself of those 10 pounds. It's become clear that I use those few pounds to distract me from other issues. The issue or issues have changed over the years but the distraction has stayed the same.

I learning to stay plugged in because it's easy to go on auto-pilot and fall into old behaviors. I am also trying to focus on the plus side of my "issues". I work for a great company with great people. Work just tends to be a little slow. My work lacks challenge and I crave learning something new. But when I leave for the day my work is done and I am free to turn my attention to other things. So really what's so bad about that? Maybe all my issues are really just a case of either the glass is half full or half empty. My choice to decide. And maybe I really don't need this weight to distract me anymore.


teresa-bug said...

I have that book in my queue at the library. I hope I get something out of it. I really do have some weight to lose right now...but I am never happy. Something is always bigger than I want it to be. Once I get to a healthy weight, I need to have a better body image. One more thing to work on!

Kiki said...

Wow...this looks like a great book!!! I'l be checking into it!!!

Kiki said...

I meant "I'll", I am the world's worst typist!!