Sunday, June 20, 2010

No Weigh

I've made an executive decision not to weigh myself this week. Still doing good. Trying to move to healthy eating for life rather than crash diet for reunion mentality. Paying more attention to the converstaion going on in my head about food, weight loss, etc. Let me tell, there's some crazy talk going on in there.
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Kat said...

Lots of crazy talk about food in my head too. My weight is a continuous battle for me but I keep trying. Making healthy choice is the most important part, I think.

Coco said...

This is weird. I made the decision this morning NOT to weigh myself until Saturday morning.

I am getting very obsessive and it is starting to consume me.

I am just going to be perfect all week (except for my wine) and see what happens.

We can do it.