Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When The Rain Comes

You may have heard, it's wet in Georgia. Sad, 7 have died so far due to the rain. When it started raining on Sunday, I din't think anyone thought it would result in this.

We are blessed to be safe and dry. We are lucky to live on a bit of a hill. Unfortunately the same can not be said for everyone in our area. Below is the road I use to get to the interstate in the morning.

I took the long way to the interstate this morning and made it to work just fine. They're calling for more rain today, on and off. They say it should be lighter than yesterday but to get ready for another big front coming through Mississippi that should hit tomorrow. Anything other than a little rain today and I am headed home. Because this was the view out of our building, maybe an hour after I left work early, yesterday. None of that water was there when I left. Thank goodness since I can see over to the left my exit ramped is covered in water.

On a somewhat unrelated note, while I was looking through the ajc.com for additional pictures of the flood I saw this...

Holy crap, that's a house. One house, from the air, it's huge. I am not silly, I know there are big houses in Atlanta. Hello, how much house does a person or family need? Is that a bus I see parked beside it? Seriously, that just about got my mind off the weather.

Oh I almost forgot, when the rain comes it also brings the ants. But that's a story for another post.....

If you're in Atlanta please stay safe and dry, if you're not please pray for those who have lost their homes or worst their loved ones.

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The Wife said...

I will definitely keep y'all in our prayers.