Thursday, September 24, 2009

I may never be able to use my kitchen again

I woke up Tuesday to notice the industrial jug of ant spray in the kitchen. I thought ants must have come back looking for food in the dog bowls which are situated close to the back door to our very wooded yard (happened once before).

Much to my horror they were on the kitchen counter, tons of tiny ants on the black kitchen counter. Crawling all over a couple empty beer cans and Styrofoam container that once held baked beans from Monday nights dinner. First, I think I am never placing or eating another thing that sets on this counter. Then I start spraying the counter with the ant spray. I get everything cleaned up and thrown away.

On the way out to work, I think I better tell Mister not to put anything on the counter. My luck he'd put a fork down on it, use it, and then die of ant poisoning and I'd end up a story on Dateline NBC. So I wake him to warn him and report my battle with the counter ants thinking he did battle with dog bowl ants the night before. His response, "I know. I thought I got all of them last night". There were no dog bowl ants, just counter ants. Hello, the empty cans and Styrofoam container. Who would leave that stuff on the counter after seeing ants. You know who, an amateur, that's who.

I may end on Dateline NBC after all.

I am so grossed out by the situation, I had to use a cartoon ant. I wouldn't be able to use my blog anymore I actually posted a picture of real ants.

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The Wife said...

That is horrible! At least you were brave enough to kill. If I see you on Dateline I will let them know what happened!