Thursday, September 3, 2009

Calling All Winos

My current crush is the author of Crush It!

You may already know Gary Vaynerchuk from his appearances on the CBS Early Show, The Today Show, Conan O'Brien, Ellen DeGeneres, Mad Money, Nightline, CNN Your $$$, CBS News, Jimmy Fallon, or Fox and Friends. If not you can catch him on Wine Library TV.

I love this guy. I stumbled upon while doing research on social media. While he's a success in the wine business, he's also made a huge name for himself in the social media/business consulting world. He's not slick but he works his butt off and he cares about people. The message is so simple but it escapes so many people.

Seriously, I can't get enough of this guy. I don't know if it's his energy, his unbashed passion, I love when he swears when he's giving a keynote speech, his tweets about his family and friends (He actually tweeted "I love my wife more than oxygen") or just how in a world where we try to overcomplicate everything he gets how simple, not easy, it really is.

Truth be told, I am usually 2Buck Chuck girl when it comes to wine but if wine's your thing, check him out. (I just watched the episode on the Charles Shaw wines and I may need to step up my wine game)

Highlight Reel of Episodes 400-667

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