Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Meet My New Bestie

The roll-off (dumpster) that was dropped off this morning. I plan to be very generous to her over the next couple of days!

Disregard the missing siding on the garage. Termite damage, nice huh?! Before moving to Georgia, I'd only seen termites in cartoons.

Most of the outside work is done and today they're working on getting the ceilings painted and some of the walls. The basics. But, I am more interested in what to do with Lolly's room. Her current room has these great peel and stick pink and green polks dots. I planned to do the same thing but a couple months ago I went to Lowe's to start stocking up only to find they no longer carry them. So my parting question to Mister was "how hard would it be to "plaid" a wall in Lolly's room?" I think I heard moan as I backed out of the drive way...

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