Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I work hard for the money

The review process at work is complete with the exception of learning what increase we receive. So my funk is about over. But let me ask you. Who gives a review without telling you your increase? According to my boss the experts say you should do them separate so that you focus on performance during the performance review. Well my research tells me that it's the money that gets people to get up in morning roll out bed and put their clothes on and come into work. ( I may or maynot have said as much)

This is my 3rd yr going through this review process. While I work for a great company with great people this process has been nothing short of disappointing. Part of the issue I think is that we went through a change in management and it really has been like starting over, maybe even worse than starting over. There has been a lot of talk of getting to the "next level" which has seemed to be a moving target. This year an example of wanting to see me using a industry tool was sited which was maddening since nobody in my department even used or knew about the tool until I walked in the door 3 yrs ago. When I get past the bitching I believe I am really being taught a lesson in humility and it's extremely painful.

While looking up my current salary today for something unrelated, I stumbled across my increase. I am beginning to think that pay isn't tied to performance or my boss total under estimates my awesomeness.

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Scientific Housewife said...

We do our review and find out our increase at the end and it's tied to our review. There is a standard number but it can fluctuate.