Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Wonderful World of Lolly

I sent Lolly off to Disney World this morning with a group from church. She knew no one on the trip ahead of time except the youth leader. I love her sense of adventure. While I have that sense of adventure now, I certainly didn't have it at her age.

6 vans total. I am sure Matt, the driver, appreciates the Disney Princesses title across his van filled with 5 girls.

I've received two text since this morning. Both starting out with " I am having so much fun..." So I guess alls well at their end. I however after 14 years I still get that "First Day of Daycare Panic" feeling whenever I send her off to somewhere I am not familiar with...To cope I am having a beer or two this evening and staying away from watching the  ID: Investigation Discovery channel this weekend.

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