Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Day

Sort of. Schools out, Mister's home, and I am telecommuting for fear of black ice. It's early and I am the only one up and working. Bliss.

Truth be told this Indiana girl isn't really afraid of ice as much as she is of the all those crazy people who have decided to get out and drive and have no real experience with snow and ice.

Later today when everyone is up, it could prove to be a case of "be careful what you wish for". Is the inability to concentrate at times due to Lolly interruptions and the fear of being on a work call and being embarassed by Mister busting out in some random song worth the comfort of my pjs? Probably...


kenady said...

living on the coast in the lowcountry of south carolina doesn't afford us much "winter weather," so when the weather man said there was a chance of wintry precipitation this morning, i could hardly contain my giddyness. i was so bummed when i woke up this morning to rain and not snow. oh well:) hope you enjoy your day!

Sherrie said...

Hope your day went well. Unfortunately now snow day for me here in WI today.