Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goal Setting

I have a lot of goals I'd like to accomplish for 2010 but for the first 3 months I am just going to focus on 2

  • Losing 15lbs

  •  Continue Decluttering

15lbs will be easy to determine when I hit my goal. It's all up to me.

Decluttering, well that's a different story. Things are always coming into the house. If I don't love it, use it on a regular basis, or really and truly need it, it's got to go. I have things, Lolly has lots of things, and Mister has things. I was unsuccessful in getting rid of his Presto Pizzazz Revolving Pizza oven on my pass through the kitchen yesterday. But I have my eye on it and on you too, George Foreman grill.


The Wife said...

If I lived closer I would come declutter for you! I love th rowing things away!

Scientific Housewife said...

Great goals!

Coco said...

Decluttering. #1. Run a half marathon. It is a MUST in 2010.

Good luck!