Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Alway Comes Early

for me and probably a lot of you. I do my best shopping for myself during the holidays. I use to feel bad about it but now realize that it's just because I am out shopping more and there are more deals. It just makes sense.
I saved a ton of money shopping at LLBean online on Cyber Monday for myself. I've picked up a few finds out at the stores while shopping for others. But my favorite find of the season, is this...

sterling silver monogrammed ring I got yesterday, thanks to a co-worker who took me along to the AmericasMart Atlanta. (sorry for the blurry picture). What I love the most about this gem is that it cost me no more than $13, that's including the engraving!!! And it was ready before we left the Mart. Love it!


A Southern Accent said...

Ha ha - you sound like me! I always try to stick to the "buying for other philosophy", but there always seems to be something in my bag for me!

The Wife said...

13 dollars is a steal. I love it!!