Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catholic Panic

I read this tweet a few minutes ago from @AndrewWarner
the whole office building is empty today because it's Immaculate Conception day in Buenos Aires. I might be the only one on my floor.

And panic set in and I almost broke out in a cold sweat compliments of Catholic guilt. Today's a Holy Obligation (Immaculate Conception) and I completely blanked. My excuse - I spent this past Sunday on the couch sick so I missed the heads up.

So now I am feeling guilty that all I want to do is go home and put on my pj's. I really shouldn't skip it since I already feel guilty from missing on Sunday when I felt bad. But if I am honest, I could be setting up a pattern here. I missed a Sunday mass when I was in San Fransico and injured so I haven't been able to go to communion since I conveniently keep forgetting to go to confession which makes it easier not to go mass.

Alright, it's settled I am going. I'll feel better afterwards. I am even going to try to go confession on Saturday. I am telling you so you'll hold me to it.

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