Monday, October 5, 2009

Letter to Kroger

Dear Kroger,

Why must you make your bags so big when clearly you only fill half the bag. Do me a favor, save the material that your bags are made of and use smaller bags. Or, do like the rest of the companies and don't make your bags see through so I can't see that your playing games with size and price.

Oh, and give me the option of having a receipt printed if I want one. If I am just getting chips and pop and paying cash, I don't want one. And save me the useless advertisements that look like coupons with my receipt.

P.S. I normally love you but you caught me on a crabby day.


The Wife said...

The whole chip things gets me. I guess the recession really does play a role everywhere.

Belle said...

Now, go get a cupcake. :)