Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"A lot of clutter is a lack of acceptance that a moment has passed"
~ Peter Walsh

That quote, which I think I read in O magazine, sent me searching for more from Peter Walsh. He has several books. I've started with this one because it was available at the library. Always my first stop when looking for a book, because I am cheap like that.

I've been on a simplifying mission for the last couple of years and really thought it was about the "stuff". I am learning it has absolutely nothing to do with the "stuff" at all.

While reading yesterday it dawned on me that I might could actually have a life that I can come home from work and not have any "house" stuff hanging over my head. You know the kitchen always needs to be cleaned, the piles on the desk and counters need to go away, laundry needs to be up. I love to do laundry, it gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. Mister even teases me about it. But I HATE putting the laundry up. I realized yesterday it's because we have way more clothing than 3 people need. Who wants to spend their time stuffing clean clothes into dressers and closets? Hello, light bulb moment!

Lolly and Mister need to watch out, I am about to go on my own clean sweep and if it's not functional or I don't love it, it's gone because this is one girl who's holding onto a whole lot of moments that have passed!

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Martha said...

Oooo! Isn't he on Oprah again today? I love this dude. I'm all about him.

You go girl.....