Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Intervention Needed

If something doesn't change soon, these

are going to stand in the way of this

Help, I think I am addicted. In 4 days I've almost gone through a bag and a half by myself. I must be stopped. Damn Kroger and their 10 for $10.

Disclaimer: Marathon should read Half Marathon because after 13.1 miles it's no longer fun for me.

images courstey of google images and insidenikerunning.com


Martha said...

It took you 4 DAYS to go through a bag and a half?

I could've done that in mere HOURS.



The Pink Chick said...

I experience the same thing recently, but my evil was ice cream!

Anonymous said...

im running that same race!
my problem is more chocolate, candy, cupcakes, anything with sugar and butter...