Monday, December 1, 2008

Ongoing battle

Recently I cleaned out my "gift closet" ~ the place I hide all that stuff I see and think that would make a nice gift, the place I hide all of Lolly's gifts, our luggage and all my gift wrap paraphernalia. I actaully had to pull stuff out of it in order to get in there to clean/organize this

and this, and the stuff that is just beyond this shot that spilled into my bathroom
When I was done I was left with this wonderfully organized space. Which is really much more impressive when standing in there.
Of course that was before I started my Christmas shopping. Now it looks like this...UGH!!!!!


kenady said...

wow! it's great that you even have a space to hide/stash stuff! and it was beautifully organized prior to shopping:) it will easily go back to neat, clean and organized once you get your gifts wrapped and under the tree!

preppy little dress said...

anything for me? ha! ha! you have been on busy lady! yippee...lucky recipients!

Kiki said...

Hey Ann, I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog...its so nice to have people find there way to me and then to have what I've written be relevant...well its an honor!!!

Now on to your post and that beautiful organization you have going on...could you come do my closets next????? Mine are such a disaster fact I have to go work on them now...right now....okay...I'm