Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Exhibit A

Three days ago while putting up the Christmas decorations I heard the familiar humming of the vacuum cleaner being used by Mister. He likes to vacuum because he says I go too fast and don't get everything up. I say with 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 people you're going miss some stuff.
This my friends is the vacuum posed very close to the outlet for the central vac and resting outside it's home ~ the white door, the closet that houses the vacuum. Yesterday I asked Mister if he's done with it (translation why is it still out) knowing he vaccumed the night before. His response, we need to vacuum everyday. My thought ~ ok fine, but three more steps and a turn of the door knob and we wouldn't have to step around the vacuum between vaccums which I know will not and do not happen on a daily basis. The question is which one of us is more twisted, Mister for thinking it's normal to leave the vacuum just outside it's home or me for expecting it to make sense to put it up? Seriously this is a very common sight at the House of Fowler. At one point I thought Mister might have a closet phobia, you know like in the creatures that lived under the stairs or something.
I guess I'll break down and put it up today in my quest to get the house clean and organized to start 2009 off on the right foot. I guess this morning I find it more humorous than maddening knowing that the vacuums days are numbered since we've decided to sell the house and move back to the orginial House of Fowler this summer in which we will have to resort back to your standard vacuum cleaner ~ gasp.
more to be written on our attempt to simplify and downsize.

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The Pink Chick said...

This so sounds like something my husband would do! Too funny! P.S.-I am jealous of your central vac! Sorry you have to leave it behind.