Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals and Resolutions

Normally, I set a goal in every area of my life but this year I decided to focus on one and only one goal...lose 20lbs. I know, how overdone. But so needed.

You see on Nov 12, 2011, the day before I turned 45 I ate my last bit of sugar in the form of cookies, cakes, ice cream, candy, pies, frozen yogurt, etc. It was a cookie sandwich with sprinkles to be exact. I had decided that I wanted to challenge myself, to do something big in my 45th year. I would give up sugar for one year. Wonderful, lovely, delicious sugar.

I made it through the holidays without so much as a Christmas cookie, not even a candy cane. I also haven't lost one stinkin pound. I feel a lot better but I don't look a lot better. I wasn't expecting to lose a ton of weight but a few pounds, sure. I mean I eliminated cookies, candy, frozen yougurt, etc from my diet. Not seeing a difference in my weight, tells me that's there's a lot of other work that needs to go into cleaning up my eating in order to get into shape.

Hopefully it won't take all year to meet the goal. I do know I am going to have to do a lot better in the eating and exercising department than I have done for the first three days of 2012.

Any tips, secrets, motivators?


Town and Country Mom said...

Best of luck to you! I was able to lose 23 pounds last year--the big 5-0 was looming--by following loosely the Dr. Dukan diet. If you can give up sugar over the holidays, then it will be easy for you to do. You can find tons on line or buy the book, but essentially, you give up all carbs (all!) for about five days, then you add in veg carbs only every other day until you achieve your goal weight. Then you can begin to add fruit, whole grain, etc. I took December "off," but I am doing a no-carb purge this week, and hopefully can lose another 5 pounds or so this month. Can't wait to hear your progress!

Martha said...

Oh my gosh. I'm so impressed with you! I can't believe you were able to give up sweets!

Try caloriecount.com (google it...it's an about.com site) I've had success when I've stuck to it. It helps you decide how many calories you need, but you can eat whatever you want. I like the fact that it also keeps track of nutrients, so it's like a game when you're trying to get all of the nutrients in while keeping the calories where you want them. Good stuff.
I just can't seem to stick to anything. I think I'm going to seek help soon.