Sunday, September 4, 2011

You've Really Gotta Hold on Me

I set out to clean my bedroom closet this weekend. I actually had planned on it all week and was really looking forward to it. ( Lame or super productive, you decide) When the time came on Saturday I found myself putting it off. I had a hard time getting started not because it was already clean. It looked like this...

It needed plenty of help. My plan was to pull out my summer stuff (usually I have all seasons in there year round) get rid of anything that I didn't like or didn't fit leaving only wearable stuff so I could go in at anytime and pull out an outfit.

What I didn't plan on is how hard it was mentally to put things into piles. I ended up with 3 piles - keep, things that don't fit or I don't like that I will use for a garage sale or donate, and things that didn't fit but I wanted to keep because mentally I was trouble letting go. The whole exercise bought a few things to light. First, I've got a get on top of the weight/healthy eating issue, but that's another story. Second, it got me thinking how much does one person really need? I have 14 suits for work. I know it sounds crazy I am in my closet every day but I never really realized that. They say you wear 20% of wardrobe 80% of the time, why not get rid of the other 80% so someone else can use it. I am not there yet.

While I thought this would just be an exercise in time, it really has become an exercise in thought. I' got some things to figure out. Oh and I do now have a nice clean closet.

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Town and Country Mom said...

I worked on my closet this weekend, too. It is daunting! Yours looks great!