Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dumbest Man Alive

Somebody please make it stop. Seriously do these  high profile men really think someone isn't going to rat them out.

This guy is going to be forever known as the tool that broke Sandra Bullock's heart. I hope she'll be open to giving her heart to someone else once she heals because she'll definitely come out ahead.

Girls, can we finally pull together and operate under hands off of someone else's man no matter what the situation.

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Scientific Housewife said...

It's sad all these men think that fame gives them the right to cheat on their wives. He is the new Tiger Woods and it's sad.

Coco said...

The language I want to use describing this man is not okay.

She was so happy and seemed just head over heels. Even wanting to adopt his children.

BUT he was previously married to a porn star and his name is that of a infamous outlaw. Kind of a red flag.

Martha said...

Ugh. You don't mess with America's sweetheart and get away with it!!!