Friday, December 3, 2010

Defining Moments

I was born a natural critic. Raised by a mom with no filter. I am a tell it like it is person. I have a hard time faking anything.

Many years ago I had a priest tell me "Ann, God doesn't require you to like everyone, but you do have to love everyone." It was a relief because can I love anyone especially if I don't have to look at, speak to, or deal with them.

Truth be told until I hit my 30's I didn't really like most people. Blame it on my early retail career. Nothing can make you hate mankind like working at the mall.

I guess we mellow with age because I am not anywhere near as hard to get along with as I am sure I was in my younger years. I've developed a filter, somewhat small but it's a filter. My years of recruiting have taught me to understand people better. I now live by - you fly your freak flag and I'll fly mine and as long as we aren't hurting anyone it's all good.

I am still not fond of everyone and there are days that Facebook makes me a hater. (Really, do we need to be update about every ache, pain and doctor visit your daughter has?) But the blog world has introduced to more fantastic people that I just love than I can count. It's progress.


Martha said...

This is your best post EVER. You amuse me like no other. Here's why:
1. You are so right about retail. It made me an ageist. I hate old people. But is it wise have a prejudice against someone I'm going to be down the road? I think not.
2. Facebook. YES! My own cousin writes things like: "Well, should have been in bed an hour ago, as usual!" Who gives a crap when you should have gone to freaking bed?
3. But the blog world rocks.

Sherrie said...

Hee hee! I was introduced to the world of crazy people via a Scrapbooking website of all places. It made me more tolerant of many different types of people and it made me wonder where all these crazies live IRL because I sure don't know ANYONE like that IRL. I think I have become more tolerant of others as I have gotten older too. :)