Wednesday, April 28, 2010

100 Days

It's official. Only 100 days till my 25yr (holy cow) class reunion. My plan is to drop a pound, or two, or fifteen. Here's a few things to know
  • I do my best work under pressure. 100 days, while that seems long, I am feeling the pressure.
  • I have to make this quest not only pressure filled but fun. Hence the 100 day logo.
  • I may or may not have also made a 100 day weight loss calendar.
  • In making the logo my first thought was to use a chocolate bar but that perhaps that wasn't the best idea.
  •  My second choice was a running shoe but I didn't have any easily accessible running shoe pic that could upload to picnk.
  • I did however have a picture of a pear. And I know this lose won't happen with exercise AND eating right
  • The irony is not lost of me, that yes I am actually a pear shaped person.
Truth is I could probably not lose an once and be happy going to my reunion, with the help of a couple cocktails. But for anyone who has crossed over the 30's into the 40's knows that losing a couples is probably need, at least that's been my experience, damn it!

One other thing to know, it's probably not the best idea to telecommute the day you kick off something like "100 Days" because you if you listen closely you can hear the chocolate bar calling me from the kitchen.