Saturday, January 10, 2009

I was robbed

This was the stash from last nights pokeno

This is what I brought

This is what I won
That's right, zero, zip, zilch, nothing!

When I got there another player came up to me and was rubbing on my arm. I thought she was wipping something on me. She said I am rubbing off your luck. Sure enough I won nothing and she won twice. She stole my winning mojo. I left telling everyone that next month they better stay away from my mojo!

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The Southern Housewife said...

OH no! That stinks! :( I always bring the good gifts and end up with the stinkers. One year I got those kiddie alphabet fridge magnets (no kids in this house!) and another year I got a roll of TP that had gross jokes on each square. Hmmm.... I think I would have traded for what you got. ;)