Saturday, September 20, 2008

Road Trippin to The Rocket City

Today I am hitting the road. My daughter has spent this past week, Fall Break, with her dad in Huntsville and I am going to pick her up. Normally we meet halfway and do a hand off but this weekend I am going for a visit. I am staying with my ex mother-in law and am excited to see my ex family and friends. It's been a long time since I've been to Huntsville. I am excited to see how the city has changed, where everyone is living since there has been a few moves, and just have a change of scenery.

I have enjoyed this week so much. Every night I came home and did nothing. No softball practice, no softball games, no girl scouts, no PSR, no homework review, no lunch to be made, heck no dinner to be made if I didn't want. Just nice peaceful silence. Is that bad to admit outloud?

Don't get me wrong, I am counting the minutes till I see MC. I laugh a lot less when she's not around. But I've learned to make the most of the time she spends with her dad. The one week breaks are hard though, I am just getting into the motherless groove and it comes to an abrupt end broken by non-stop tween chatter.

There's always something about a road trip that fills me with a sense of excitement. Maybe it's all the time you have to think while you are driving. Think of what was, what is, what can be.

It's abeautiful day for a drive. Nice Fall weather. The only down side is the current price of gas...

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Kristin said...

My brother lived briefly in Huntsville... beautiful city. Enjoy your visit with your family... it's wonderful that you still enjoy a loving relationship with your former in-laws... it must make everything so much nicer for your daughter!